A page dedicated to the one I love the most

Naoto is an adolescent dick of the Shirogane family of sleuths. His lifelong dream and goal has been to become a great "hard-boiled detective" like the ones from novels he read as a kid. He came to be known to the public as the "Detective Prince" after asserting himself as a prolific investigator at a young age. His profession led him to Inaba to help solve a case of unexplained murders taking place in the small rural town.

Naoto is not very sociable or feminine, referring to herself with "boku" and talking to others in a sort of distant and professional way, this, along with her choice of clothing and a fear of not being taken seriously as a detective for both being underage and female is the reason everyone believed she was a boy until her gender is revealed later on in the Inaba case. It is through the "Investigation Team" she meets in Yasoinaba that she forms probably her first meaningful human connections with people not related to her family.